Weapon prototypes

Pistol parameters:

The VIGrand company has currently two prototypes of self-loading pistol in this time: VIG 007 speedfire and VIG 08 models for Luger 9 mm cartriges.

Technical specifications of model VIG 007 speedfire :

  • caliber - 9 mm Luger
  • pistol sizes: length - 195 mm
  • height - 128 mm
  • barrel length - 120 mm 
  • grip width - 28 mm
  • slide width - 24-26 mm
  • weight - 895 g with the aluminum grip, currently the finishing works for this characteristic are in
    the process, the planned weight 780 - 790 g with a plastic grip without cartridges
  • number of cartridges in the magazine - 14+1
  • type of automatics - retention roller with the fixed barell

The pistol has no side protruding parts, which contributes to hidden wearing and preparation for firing position.


Characteristics of the pistol

The pistol has the following features and certain advantages compared to models that already exist in the world:

  1. Fixed barrel placed in the frame, that increases the accuracy of shooting
  2. Barrel housing that decrease barrel vibration during shooting and improve shooting accuracy
  3. Low barrel bore axis location (15 mm), that allows comfortable gun holding. This element decrease recoil of the pistol holding while aiming and decreases the recoil of the pistol during shooting
  4. roller retention of the slide during a shot (slide opening during a shot is retained by the roller and adtittional spring), that allows to reduce significantly the weight of the slide and of the whole pistol and to reduce the energy of the slide hit into the frame when moving to the rearmost position (recoil)

In the future, this model will also be produced for pistol cartridges of another caliber, with a plastic frame and with a possibility of deploying various additional equipment (sights, tactical lamps. etc.).

Moreover, a new pistol cartridge will be developed for this pistol model as well as for the next VIG 08 model to further enhance their characteristics.

The weapon assembly parts

Disassembly video

Assembly video

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