• Innovative system

  • High shooting accuracy

  • Small recoil

New weapon system

Company VIGrand s.r.o. was founded in the Czech Republic in June 2015. It deals with the development and manufacture of new models of hand-operated firearms.

The Company develops two models of pistol with improved shooting accuracy, a semiautomatic hunting gun with new automatics, and an offensive rifle for high-performance cartridges with new automatics, small size and low weight. Ammunition to be used for shooting from the rifle will include existing rifle cartridges and a new high-performing cartridge will be developed with enhanced characteristics.

The Company leads its development efforts to prevent the duplication of models already existing on the world market and to introduce a maximum of possible innovations into all mechanisms and parts of produced guns.


  • increasing of the fire accuracy, considering that this parameter is most important for any weapon;
  • increasing of the safety level while handling;
  • increasing of the reliability and durability of all weapons mechanisms and components;
  • ensuring maximum comfort of the weapon handling, ie when carrying, preparing for fire, aiming, shooting, maintaining and repairing;
  • softening of the recoil and other measures to make the use of weapons more comfortable for women
    and for right- and left-hand shooters;
  • increasing of the performance of weapons with low weight and small size;
  • increasing of the weapon cadence;
  • increasing of the number of cartridges
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